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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

Those of you who know me personally probably remember that my cousin, Adam Hamilton, was killed in action in Afghanistan on May 28, 2011 at the age of 22. He was kind, charismatic, brave, funny, and touched everyone’s life that he came in contact with. I miss him terribly and think of him everyday, as does

Sensory Play Day- Jello Dinosaur World

We arrived home from Ohio on Tuesday afternoon, and spent most of the day Wednesday trying to run errands and recuperate from the trip. I will be posting about our trip in the next couple of days, I just haven’t uploaded all of the photos yet! This week I decided to use Jell-O as our

Sewing to Rebuild

We are getting ready to leave for Ohio for the long weekend, but wanted to share a project that I am participating in before I go. Pattern Revolution and Green Style Creations put together a project to help the families affected by the terrible tornado in Oklahoma. Many people lost everything they owned and literally have nothing. They

Simple Sorting Fun

I am a big fan of simple, educational tools that keep the littles occupied while I have something I need to do, and this is one of the twins’ favorites. These are little sorting bears with matching colored cups, and simple as they are, they keep them occupied for hours. They enjoy sorting them by

Prayers for Oklahoma

In the two short months that I have been writing this blog there have been two horrible tragedies here in the US, and that makes me so incredibly sad. In some ways, the devastation caused by the tornado in Oklahoma is more difficult to explain to Luke than the Boston bombings. I can explain that

It Finally Happened…

I am very fortunate that my twins have been very good sleepers from the beginning. By 4 months old they were sleeping through the night and took a three-hour nap every day. Lately, they have been putting up resistance to going to sleep (especially at nap time), and some days haven’t napped at all. I

Sensory Play Day: Spaghetti Painting!

Today I threw together this fairly simple sensory activity for Ella and Will with things that I had lying around the house. Sometimes the beauty of sensory play is how simple it can be and still get their minds really working and learning to feel, touch, see, and smell things. I don’t know about you, but

Pink Snow!!

The thing that I love most about New Jersey so far is that it is absolutely beautiful. I don’t think I realized how much I missed trees and color while I was living in Texas until we moved here.  There are trees of all shapes and sizes, and many of them flower during the spring.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!!! This is your day, so please enjoy it. Stop folding the laundry and doing the dishes, they will still be there tomorrow. (Better yet, ask your husband to do it for you!) Instead, tickle your kids a little extra and do something fun with them. Go for

Toddlers Are Not Crazy: How to Beat Tantrums

I really needed to read this right now! It has been a rough week:)   Toddlers Are Not Crazy: How to Beat Tantrums.