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Grandma’s Meatloaf

Grandma’s Meatloaf

One of my favorite things that my grandmother used to make was her meatloaf. It was leaps and bounds better than any other meatloaf I have ever had, and still is. I’ve made a few adjustments to her original recipe in order to avoid heavily processed things, but it’s still almost the same. I hope

5 Money Saving Tips for New Moms

I have a very good friend who is pregnant right now with her first child. That had me thinking how completely clueless I was when I had Luke. I spent a fortune on things I didn’t need to, and didn’t have things that I now couldn’t imagine living without. So this post is for the

My last Time Co-hosting the Social Scatter!

A special thanks to Bobbie Jo over at Downside Up Mommy for having me as a co-host this month! It’s been a lot of fun!!! WELCOME TO THE SOCIAL SCATTER! This has been our BIGGEST and BESTEST (yes, bestest!) one yet! I have dedicated this month to SMALL BLOGGERS! Many bloggers forget where they came

Flu Shot

*Disclaimer: I know that this is a hot button topic and I ask everyone to please be respectful of other people’s views in the comments. I am not writing this post to upset anyone, I am looking for honest opinions and advice* Do you get your kids the flu shot? I have always been skeptical

It’s Social Scatter Time!

Hi everyone! I’m co-hosting the Social Scatter again this week! It has been amazing the last couple of weeks, and I hope you have all had a chance to link up. Thanks again to Bobbie Jo over at Downside Up Mommy for having me!     WELCOME TO THE SOCIAL SCATTER! This has been our BIGGEST

Red Sunshine Juice

A week or two ago I tried to do a juice detox. It didn’t go very well, but I’ll be trying again soon:) Something about not eating made me a little crazy and by dinner I couldn’t take it any more. What I did find was that I wasn’t exactly hungry, I just felt the

Kite Readers Ambassador

I don’t know about you, but I’m always searching for good books for my kids. Luke LOVES reading, and he flies through books like crazy. He started the Magic Tree House series a few months ago and has already read almost all 51 of them! We don’t have a library (I know, what town doesn’t

2013- The Food Movement in Review

Overall, I think that 2013 was a good year for those of us in the “food movement”. People are becoming more educated, and are starting to make healthier choices for their families. There have also been some major setbacks, but that is to be expected. Change doesn’t happen overnight, or in a week, a month,

Child Care

I was reading an article the other day about the cost of child care, and while I remember it being expensive, I didn’t realize just how expensive. Before the twins were born I worked full-time, and Luke was in daycare. We spent about $9,000 per year, which is a lot, but I thought it was reasonable because

Social Scatter!

Hi everyone! I’m sorry that I have been MIA, but we have been on a much needed vacation:) It’s time for another Social Scatter, so come link up your blogs and social media at Downside Up Mommy! WELCOME TO THE SOCIAL SCATTER! This has been our BIGGEST and BESTEST (yes, bestest!) one yet! I have