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Common Core VS Texas

Common Core VS Texas

I have to say that when we moved back to Texas, I was really excited to be leaving the Common Core behind. I know that some of the concepts have spilled over to states that haven’t adopted it, but my hope was that the worst parts of it would not. I do see some similarities

To the Mom of the “Naughty” Child

To the mom of the “naughty” child, I see you trying to get him to hold still and listen during story time. I see you giving her “the look” when she speaks out of turn during swimming lessons or t-ball practice. I see the hurt in your eyes when someone says “He sure is naughty”.

When Did We Lose Our Right to Parent?

The other day I let the kids play in our fenced in back yard. I sat at the dining room table with the door open so I could see them, but I thought it would be good to let them play by themselves for a bit. Do you know what I was worried about? It