Book Series for Kids- Grades 1-3


Little Luke is in first grade, and we are really blessed that he loves to read. On the weekends, he’ll sit down with a chapter book and read until he’s finished with it. It’s been a challenge to find enough books for him to read, and he tends to really like reading book series. We don’t have a library in our town (nightmare), so we buy most of our books through Scholastic. At least they are a little cheaper than the book store! I have compiled a list of book series that are favorites in our house, I hope your children enjoy them too! I’ve included the Guided Reading Level also, if you need a correlation chart to convert it into a leveling system you are more familiar with you can find one here.

Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne– GRL M-P- This is Luke’s all time favorite series, and it is one of my favorites as well. I love that the beginning books are at a level M and they progressively get longer and more difficult as the series go on. They are fiction books about a young boy and girl who travel through space and time in their magic tree house. There are also non-fiction companion books called “Fact Trackers” for some of them, which is great! There are 51 fiction books (#52 comes out in May) and 28 non-fiction companions (#29 & #30 come out in May and September, respectively).

Rainbow Magic Fairies– GRL L-P- Luke really liked these books as well! He read many of them at school when he was on level L, and now that he is on level N there are more for him to read. It’s nice that he has a series at school that we don’t have at home! The books are about two girls and the fairies. Each smaller series consists of 7 books, and there are over 150 books in all!

Magic School Bus by Joanna Cole- GRL I-M- Luke started reading the Magic School Bus books in kindergarten, and they really got him interested in science. He even did an after school program called Mad Science! The books start out fairly easy, and there are 65 of the Science Readers (approx. level I-K). The chapter books are great and listed at level N, but I found Luke enjoyed them when he was at a level L. They are only around 80 pages. The original books are listed at level P, and Luke hasn’t tried those yet. I’m sure they are just as great as the others!

Young Cam Jansen by David Adler- GRL J-K- These are great early chapter books, especially if your kids like mysteries. Luke read a couple of them before he was ready for the longer chapter books, as they are only about 30 pages. It made him feel good that he was reading a chapter book!

Cam Jansen by David Adler- GRL L-M- This is a series about the same girl from the Young Cam Jansen series, she’s just a little older. The books are longer and the stories are more complex. It’s a great mystery series, and it’s not girly so it’s great for boys and girls.

Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warren- GRL M-P- Luke just read the very first Boxcar Children book and really enjoyed it. If your kids like mysteries, I’m sure they will love these! There are 135 of them, so there will be no shortage of books to read here for the summer!

Do you have any favorite children’s book series? We are always looking for new books to read!!

Until our next adventure,

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