Cut the Cord


Before we left New Jersey, we decided that we would not be getting cable when we moved. I figured that spending $165 per month on cable and internet was unnecessary, and ultimately I was right. We now spend $78 per month and have been pretty happy with our decision. It took me a long time to come around to the idea because there’s no way I’d be willing to go without live sports. Now there are enough services out there that we have been able to keep the channels we use and do away with the ones we don’t! Here’s how we did it.

  1. Antenna ($60)- We bought the Mohu Leaf Ultimate and I’m pretty happy with it. We live about 40 miles from the nearest tower (they’re all south of Dallas), and our reception isn’t great but I do think it would work for most people. Go to and you can find out the range of antenna you would need for where you live. We get CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, and a few random over the air channels. If you can mount your antenna in the attic or on the roof you’ll get a ton more channels!

  2. Good Internet ($40)- We have our internet through Verizon Fios which is 25/25 mbps. If you are going to be streaming most of your tv, I’d recommend at least 15/15mbps. We pay $39 per month because we chose not to sign a contract, but it would have been $29 if we had signed a 2 year contract.

  3.  Hulu Plus ($8)- I’m really happy with Hulu. There’s a ton of kid’s shows and network tv shows from most of the major channels for me to watch. I rarely watch shows the night they air, so it works out well for me because they are released the day after. The only issue is they don’t have any current CBS shows.

  4. SlingTV ($20)- It’s pricey for a streaming service but I think it’s worth every penny, especially if you are a sports fan. You can watch tv live on TNT, TBS, AMC, ESPN, ESPN2, ABC family, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, CNN, Cartoon Network, Disney, and A&E. Those are basically all of the channels we watch anyway so it works out great. There are add on packages as well, but we have found that the basic one is enough! It’s owned by Dish, so it’s a reputable company.

  5. Roku (0-100)- We got our Roku for free by prepaying for 3 months of SlingTV, but they are available at stores with different features for $50-$100. I got the streaming stick and have been happy with it. The Roku has more available “channels” than the other options on the market.

There’s tons of stuff out there, this just happens to be what we chose. I did a ton of research before we decided on everything, and I’m really glad we got rid of cable!

Have you cut the cord? I’d love to hear any advice you may have!

Until our next adventure,

Moving Mommy

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