Just Do It

So, tomorrow I have THE appointment. You know the one, everyone has one at some time or another. The appointment that you put off and absolutely don’t want to make because that may mean that something is really wrong with you. Suddenly, it could be real. Maybe it’s the gynecologist, or a mammogram, or just a blood test. For me, it’s the dermatologist.

Tomorrow at 10:15, I’ll go to the dermatologist and she will look over every part of my skin with a magnifying glass. See, I have atypical moles, I always have. They are large, asymmetrical, and elevated. And I have more than 40. That means that I am at a much higher risk for skin cancer, especially melanoma. Generally, cancerous moles are large, asymmetrical, or elevated. The fact that mine are already like that is scary. They have always been like that, and they haven’t changed any in the past ten years so hopefully I will be fine. But what if I’m not? I also found a weird spot on the lower part of my right leg. It could also be nothing, but what if it’s something? I didn’t exactly have a healthy relationship with the sun when I was younger either.

I finally got the courage to make the appointment, and now I will know. Truthfully, no matter what the outcome, I’ll be relieved. I’ve been worried about this for awhile and knowing will at least mean I can try to do something about it. I won’t just be sitting around waiting for it to be too late.

So tonight, say a little prayer for me. And think about making that appointment that you have been putting off. No matter what it seems, not knowing is much, much worse.

You can learn about the warning signs of melanoma at Mollie’s Fund, and other skin cancers at the Skin Cancer Foundation.

I’ll keep you posted!


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