My Kids Are SO MUCH BRAVER than I Am


On the road again….

It looks like we will be moving again in a few months! I don’t know all of the details yet, but we will be moving to the Philadelphia area after the first of the year. Exciting? Scary? Annoying? Stressful? Great? All of the above. I’m no stranger to moving, and in fact this one will be the smallest move we have ever made. It’s only 2 hours from where we currently live, so it should be a piece of cake. But it’s never the actual move that is difficult, it’s the time leading up to and the time right after it that are especially hard. But, we will get through it.

New Jersey has definitely not been my favorite place to live, but it is home for us now. Luke has been in school here and the twins have made their first friends here. It’s really all the twins have ever known. They were barely two when we left Texas and have no memory of it. The thought of a new school, new friends, new parents, and new neighbors all give me anxiety. I don’t really like change and like uncertainty even less. I’m worried for Luke to start a new school. Will people be nice to him? Will he make friends easily? Will I make any friends? Will the twins? I’m nervous and scared about all of it. Even as we head into our 5th move, I still feel sick about it. I know that it’s the best thing for our family and Brad’s career, but it’s still hard.

Here’s the thing. The kids don’t feel any of those things. When we told Luke, he said that he loves to meet new people and is excited to make new friends. He’ll be great as long as he has his family and not to worry about him at all (he obviously doesn’t take after his mom). Whatever is best for Mommy and Daddy is what’s best for him (seriously, I can’t make this stuff up). How on earth did I get so blessed with this kid????????  Ella just asked if she could bring her toys. Will said he didn’t want a new house, but didn’t get upset about it.

I’m feeling very lucky right now. How did they get to be so brave? I had my “It’s ok to be afraid” speech all planned out. Didn’t need it.

Now I just have to make it through the next three months without them seeing how stressed and anxious I am!!!

Until our next adventure,

Moving Mommy


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