Kids Say the Funniest Things!


Sometimes I cannot help but laugh at the things my kids say! They are so stinking cute and funny, so I thought I’d share!

  1. Ella: I think the TV isn’t working because there is an off switch!

Will: Mommy, there’s an ostrich in the TV!!!

2.  Ella: I love Stop and Shop even more than Target, because I love food more than toys!

  1. Ella: While I was taking my nap, I bit the hair off my arm. It was too furry.

  2. Will: Mommy, look at my butt shake dance! (While standing in the middle of a                   restaurant)

  3. Will: I need some privacy!! (One minute later) Mom, will you wipe my butt?

  4. Me: Luke, we have to go after school tomorrow to get you new cleats and a cup for       baseball.
    Luke: You mean a water bottle?
    Me: No, a cup. To protect your penis.
    Luke: A cup? How am I supposed to hold a cup on my penis while I’m playing baseball????

  5. Luke: (When our dishwasher broke) Mommy, I’m so sorry you have to work so hard to     wash the dishes like in the olden days!

  6. Will: Mommy, you must eat a lot of vegetables! You have big muscles!
    Me: I do?
    Will: Yes! (Grabs my boob) They are huge!

  7. Me: Will, please take your hand out of your pants.
    Will: Mommy, that’s where my hand lives!

Until our next adventure,

Moving Mommy



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