Our Favorite Learning Toys- Ages 2-5

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We are always looking for new toys and materials for our homeschool classroom, and some things that I have purchased are great while others have not held the twins attention for very long. I thought I would compile a list of our favorite toys, the ones that are both educational and a lot of fun!!

Melissa and Doug self-correcting puzzles- These puzzles are great for letter and number recognition, counting, and beginning letter sounds. I bought these for the twins for Valentine’s Day, and they have been a big hit. They struggle a little with the larger numbers because they haven’t quite learned to hold their place while they count. Often, they will recount the same object, but the puzzles are helping them to learn that. I like that the pieces will only go together with the proper piece.

Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie- The twins received this for Christmas and it ended up being one of their favorite gifts. There are different color and types of fruit pieces, along with the pie, divider, tweezers, and sorting cards. The cards encourage them to sort them by color, shape, and number. It’s great for fine motor skills!

Wooden Blocks- Probably our favorite toy is wooden blocks. I love that they encourage open-ended play, rather than trying to build something by looking at a picture or instructions. I’m amazed at the structures the twins are able to create, and they really use their imaginations to build! These are the ones that we have. There are a lot of different brands out there, but these have held up well for us and are inexpensive.

Melissa and Doug Bead Sequencing Set- This toy is great for shape and color identification, pattern recognition, and sequencing. You stack the beads in the order shown on the various wooden cards.

Lacing Beads- These are a really good fine motor activity! We play with them frequently, probably once a week. I bought these smaller beads last year and they struggled with them a bit. Now that they are a little older (3), they have now problem at all. Fine motor skills are very important at this age and really help with a foundation for writing skills. They do make larger beads for younger children as well!

Do you have any preschool learning toys that you would recommend? We would love to hear your thoughts!!

Until our next adventure,
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