Our Favorite Learning Toys and Games- Ages 5-8

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Earlier in the week I wrote a post on our favorite learning toys for toddlers and preschool children, so I thought I’d write something about the toys and games we use for Luke as well. I never realized how educational something as simple as a board game could be until Luke was old enough to play them. During the summer, we played a board game each night after the twins went to bed, and it really helped with his math skills! Not to mention it’s a great time for bonding! Here our the favorites in our household.

Yahtzee- This is probably Luke’s favorite. I love it because it is more a game of chance than anything, meaning that he has just as good a chance to win as the adults! Not only is adding up the dice educational, but adding up all the numbers on the score sheets is a great challenge. I was surprised that by the end of the summer he could add up the score cards completely by himself!

Monopoly- I’ll be honest, my husband hates Monopoly! Luke and I usually play it during the twins nap or another time when he isn’t home. Luke is always the banker, which helps him with counting back change and subtraction. Each time someone buys a property I ask him “If the property costs xx amount and I give you xx amount, how much do I get in return”? I’m amazed at how quickly he does the math!

Kindle Fire with Kindle FreeTime- I know I’ll get mixed responses to this, and I realize that a 7 year-old doesn’t need his own tablet. With that being said, I’m glad he has it. Kindle FreeTime gives him access to 1000s of books and games for only a few dollars a month. There are several good chapter book series (Ivy and Bean, Fourth Floor Mysteries, etc.), which gives him something to read every night without the expense of buying several books per week. We don’t have a library in town, so it saves us a lot of money. There are also many tv series on there that he otherwise wouldn’t be able to watch (think Netflix for kids).

Legos- Legos have been a ton of fun for kids for many, many years. For younger kids, they teach counting and color recognition, and the possibilities are endless for older kids! Luke has learned to follow the directions in the package and put things together himself. After the twins destroy what he has made (it never fails), then he moves on to create his own buildings and vehicles to play with. I was really excited to see that Lego has started making Lego sets for girls as well!

Anything by ThinkFun- ThinkFun has a lot of games that are not only outside-the-box educational, but they can be done with only one player. Rush Hour and Laser Maze are two of our favorites! They teach spatial relationships, critical thinking, and really force you to think several steps ahead in order to get it right!

What are your favorite toys and games for school-age kids? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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