Real Life Treasure Hunt!


Awhile back, I read an article on geocaching and found the idea of it fascinating. Now that it’s getting warmer out, we decided to give it a try!

You download an app or go to Geocaching. We started out with the free app, which lets you search for geocaches in your immediate area. I was surprised that there are several within a mile from my house! The app has a compass and tells you where to go. It’s a little difficult at first to see where you are supposed to be going, so I zoomed in to find the area where we were headed so I knew where to park. Once you are close it’s a bit easier, and it points you in the right direction and tells you how far away you are in feet. We had a little trouble finding it, but the app also gives you a hint from the person who hid it, which was very helpful!


This is what we found! It was really cool to see all of the things that others had added to the stash. We took something out and added something of our own before returning it to its space! The kids absolutely loved it, and we will be doing more this summer! I’m considering buying the paid app so we have more to choose from!


If you have little ones, this is such a fun and free activity to do! I bought little gems from the dollar store (50 for $1) and put a few in the geocache, so it literally only costs a few pennies each time. Check it out!

Until our next adventure,

Moving Mommy

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