The Sadness of Moving On


I remember when we first moved here. I was so sad to leave Texas and even more sad that our lives had brought us to the NYC area. I knew it would be an adventure and that we wouldn’t be here forever, but I didn’t want to move here. And now that we are moving, I still feel that same sadness that I felt when we left Texas, even though I am happy in some ways that we are leaving.

It’s hard to describe the feelings I have for North Jersey. I’m tired of not being able to have a date with my husband because 8th graders charge $20+ per hour to babysit. I’m tired of people cutting me in line at the grocery store when I have three items and two angry four year-olds because they think their time is more valuable than mine. I’m just overall tired of rudeness and crazy drivers and a ridiculous cost of living. BUT, it’s not all bad here. There are plenty of nice people, especially in my little town. I love all of the parents here, and Luke has made amazing friends at school. The PTO does amazing work for the school and the community, and it feels great to be a part of it. I’ve really watched my kids grow up here, maybe that’s why it’s so difficult to leave it behind. Maybe it’s being in the most populous metro area in the country but still living in a small town.

Before now, I felt sad about the move only in terms of Luke, Ella, and Will. Luke is sad to leave his friends. Ella is sad to leave our house. Will doesn’t like change at all. But as I pulled out of the school today, I felt sadness for myself. Sadness that I am leaving our home, my friends, and our community. Sadness that this chapter of my life is over. We will move and I’ll transition from being stay-at-home mom to working mom. PTO to corporate America. I have worked long and hard to make this transition worthwhile. I spent countless hours studying for my Masters and then the CPA exam, and I’m finally finished. It is time to move on; to a new state and a new chapter in our lives. I just hope we are all ready.

Until our next adventure,

Moving Mommy

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