Send Them or Hold Them Back?

imageI have been thinking about whether to send the twins to kindergarten when they turn five or to wait pretty much since they were born. I never understood why people held their kids back a year when it was just Luke, but I think that was because he was so old for his class to begin with.

The twins were born on August 26, just five days before the cut-off. If they had been full term, they would have been born at the end of September and I wouldn’t even have the option of sending them “early”. Will they be ready just a few short days after they turn five to start school? It probably depends on how you define ready. They will know all the basic things that the school says they need to know, but will they be reading well? I doubt it. Will they be socially ready to listen to the teacher and be leaders in their class? I’m not sure, they will do a lot of growing in that area over the next year.

My biggest concern is that if I send them, they will start off behind their peers and resent school because of it. That’s the last thing that I want. I don’t want my sweet twins to dislike school because they began their journey playing catch up. On the other hand, if I wait will they be too far ahead and be bored? Sometimes I think that Luke is too far advanced and is kind of stuck where he is academically because of it.

Do I want them to start college when they are not even 18 or when they are almost 19? Brad and I were both very young when we started college and I think it would have served both of us well to have had another year of life under our belts.

This decision is complicated further by the fact that I have two very different little ones. If it were just Ella, I would probably send her. If it were just Will, I would probably hold him back. Not because Ella is smarter or anything like that, just because I think girls mature faster than boys and she will likely be more ready than Will.

So what do we do? I have a year to figure it out, but it’s something that weighs on my mind frequently. We are leaning towards holding them back, but a lot can change in the next year!

What are your thoughts on holding a child back because of their age? I’d love to hear your opinions!

Until our next adventure,

Moving Mommy