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Eco-Friendly Toy Companies

We are going to try this again! I apologize for the first draft, I was having technical difficulty with the site! As I look around our playroom, I see so many toys that are broken and destined for a landfill someday. I decided that this year, for the twins, we are going to ask for

Dear Judgmental PTO Mom

Dear judgmental PTO Mom, When I joined my first early childhood PTA in Texas, I figured that I would come across many judgmental, catty moms, but I didn’t. I realized that the majority of us are there for the benefit of our kids and others. And for the support that you can only receive from

I’m Back!!!

I’m finally done! (At least for the next ten days) I spent nearly an entire month without leaving my house other than to grocery shop. I know, nominate me for mom of the year. After reading that passing rates are only about 10% for first time takers, I had to put in 200-300 hours of

Are My Kids Missing Out?

I was sitting here thinking today about what a good brother my oldest is. I have never once heard him complain about the twins, and he helps me every single day with them. That got me to thinking, is he missing out? Are the twins missing out on things in life because they are twins?

Orange Rhino Challenge!

I posted awhile back about yelling. I’m far from perfect, and sometimes when I’m really stressed I yell. At the kids, at my husband, it happens, and I don’t want it to. I feel guilty every time it happens, and I just want to cry. I came across a blog about a month ago called the

Pick My Wedgie!

Today Ella came up to me and said “please pick my wedgie mommy!”. I just started laughing uncontrollably. Some of the things that are said in this house are pretty ridiculous. If someone were listening in on us they would think we are crazy! So I thought I’d share some of my favorite toddler conversations…

Moving Resources Part 3- The Worst Part of Moving to Another State

The DMV, or MVC, or BMV. Whatever the state calls it, it is a total nightmare. And there is no way to avoid going there if you want to continue to drive. Living in Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, and New Jersey in the past six years, I’ve had my fair share of fun encounters with