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Dear Judgmental PTO Mom

Dear judgmental PTO Mom, When I joined my first early childhood PTA in Texas, I figured that I would come across many judgmental, catty moms, but I didn’t. I realized that the majority of us are there for the benefit of our kids and others. And for the support that you can only receive from

First Day of School!

Today is Luke’s first day back to school! I can’t believe the summer is over and that my little boy is in first grade! It was awesome to see the joy on his face to see his friends from school and meet his new teacher. I’m so glad that he loves school so much. I’m

Should All Schools Be Nut Free?

I read an article the other day that completely changed my way of thinking about food allergies. I knew that peanut allergies could be really severe and cause anaphylaxis, but I guess it never really occurred to me that people actually die from exposure. There are no solid numbers to tell us the number of deaths

Schooooool’s Out For Summer!

Every time someone says that, I sing the Alice Cooper song in my head and want to watch Dazed and Confused! Today was Luke’s last day of Kindergarten. I’ll admit that I was anxious for the school year to end, but it made me really sad today. My husband thinks I’m a lunatic for crying,