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Sensory Play Day- Apple Sensory Bin

I’m so excited for Fall! We have a lot of great Autumn themed activities planned for the next few weeks. One of my favorite things about this time of year is apples!! We are planning to go apple picking at the end of the month, and I can’t wait. I’ve already made apple chips and

Sensory Play Day- Shaving Cream!

Eek! I’ve been MIA from the blog this week! Between the last week of school and my computer crashing it’s been tough to write. Words of advice- Back up your computer. Do it now! You won’t be sorry that you did, you will only be sorry you didn’t! Hopefully Geek Squad can recover the last

Introducing Giveaways and Sensory Play Day!

I was thinking the other day about how my posts are kind of all over the place and mostly depend on my mood, so I figured it’s about time to give my blog some structure! After all, it should be something informative for you guys!! And who doesn’t like to win stuff?! So, every once

Purple Week!

I have to admit that my home preschool activities have been lacking the past couple of weeks. I haven’t been making very elaborate sensory bins or art activities, and have mostly just let the twins play and explore outside. I think their natural environment offers them far more learning and sensory experiences than anything I