The Ivory Soap Experiment


I received a bar of original Ivory soap in the TLC VoxBox I received from Influenster this week and I almost couldn’t contain my excitement. Not because we use Ivory soap, but because I never think to buy it and I knew just how I’d use it.

As the school year winds down, I thought a great science experiment would really excite the twins and I was right. We started by filling a large bowl with water and dropping some items into it. I made sure they were heavy things and asked them what they thought would happen if we dropped the statue in the water. They exclaimed “It will sink!”. Next it was a bottle of perfume, and again they said “It will sink!”. Finally, the bar of Ivory soap. They were very surprised when it floated because it felt heavy enough to sink!

Next, I put the soap on a plate and placed it in the microwave. I set the timer for 2 minutes and had the twins watch through the microwave door (I normally wouldn’t have them near the microwave while it was on but it was just for a minute!). They couldn’t see much, but I asked them what they thought was happening. Will said “It’s getting hot” and Ella said “It’s melting”. I opened the door and this was what they saw!


The soap is really puffy at first, then shrinks down. Wait a couple of seconds before you touch it because it will be hot! The soap is soft and squishy to the touch, but still perfectly usable. Two minutes used about half the bar, and I’m saving the rest to show Luke when he arrives home.  We will use the soap as hand soap when we are done so it doesn’t go to waste!

Overall, it was a fun little experiment! Do you have any at-home science experiments you recommend? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

Until our next adventure,

Moving Mommy


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