To the Mom of the “Naughty” Child


To the mom of the “naughty” child,

I see you trying to get him to hold still and listen during story time.

I see you giving her “the look” when she speaks out of turn during swimming lessons or t-ball practice.

I see the hurt in your eyes when someone says “He sure is naughty”.

I know the pain and anger you feel when you read  a comment about how people can’t control their children. About how parents don’t discipline kids anymore and if they just stopped coddling them the future would be brighter for everyone.

I know you are holding back tears as you leave the grocery store without the cart full of groceries  you came for because your child had a meltdown.

I know, because I feel all these things too.

Others don’t know that your son spends more minutes in time out than your other children combined.

They don’t see the kind gentleness that she shows when playing with younger children.

They don’t see him carry bugs to the grass so they won’t get stepped on.

And they don’t see the sadness in his eyes when he realizes that he’s disappointed you.

But I do.


Mom of the naughty child

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